Monday, March 21, 2011

“Lush”-cious Surprise

I was walking around Shangri-la when I spotted the “free gifts” with a purchase promo at lush, I was a bit hesitant to enter the store because I knew myself very well, I will lose my mind trying to control my purchases. So I ended up in MAC (which is the reason I went to the mall in the first place) I asked about the availability of the MAC Wonder Woman Collection and when will it hit the stores here in the Philippines, the artist there told me that if I want to get anything   I must be in their store 10 am sharp!( as in wait for the doors to open then run!!!!) they will only hold a very limited  stocks so they cannot give out reservations. So on March 26, 10 am brace yourself for the arrival of the MAC Wonder Woman Collection   here in the country, I personally ordered several items from the collection from a trusted seller and I’m so excited! But I was not able to get the MSF! So I’m waiting for their sweet arrival :)

 After my MAC visit I gave in coz’ the stores are a few feet from each other and you can definitely smell the  lush store, so I asked the sales person what the free gift  promotion was all about and I found out that one of my favourite body soaps where on a massive sale! Buy 1 get 2 promo 

 Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
Chox Away Soap
We love chocolate and we appreciate it more if we don’t gorge ourselves.
Wash with this to satisfy your sweetie carvings

Php 295/ 100 g
 I got 295 grams for only Php 295, instead of the regular price of Php 870.25 for the 295 grams!
how great was that huh???!!!!

And since I was able to get it cheap I was able to get another item. 

I have a very oily skin here is a scary proof

My face after a day’s work ooooooiiilllyyyyyyyyy!

So I decided to try one of their “fresh farmacy soap”
I got the one for soothing pimples and other skin problems for the face

 Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
Fresh Farmacy Soap
Perfect for soothing acne pimple eczema and other skin problems
Php 355 for 90 grams (ouch)

I will only use this once a day because I want to slowly introduce this to my skin (I don’t want break outs please) . I store them in microwavable container so that it is air tight and I can easily see what’s inside.

to seal in the freshness :)

 after a weeks use :)
 I can see small changes in my skin. A bit less oily and I did not have any break outs( yey!)

                   And my last surprise was a free sample of one of their hair spa treatments, but I later found out that they forgot to label my free item and I forgot the name of the product! Wow great memory! Kudos for me, whahaha. will try to go back and find out what exactly it is and hopefully I test it out and share my experience with it.

*If you have questions just leave me a comment*

Thank you sis! Till next time.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My favorite YOUTUBE gurus

Hi Sis! 

                   Is it just me or everybody checks on youtube daily??? I don't know if its still normal but i like checking out reviews, blogs and other stuff their its so fun. For the past year i have been using youtube “gurus” as my guide in buying stuff and finding out certain techniques on how things are done specially when it comes to make up... you would not believe how may videos are uploaded there specifically for make up (or maybe you all ready know that silly me!) its very helpful since you can compare reviews and experiences  of different people with the same product, but it does not mean that you should follow every thing you get from there since some videos are not as good as others( sorry guys but that is true). And for the past year i have found great  “gurus” that really helped me out a lot! So now im listing 5 of the best YouTube Makeup Gurus that really gives out great reviews and tips.(this is just me liking the way they do things when they discuss things in their videos)
So here are the factors that helped me in determining the best Gurus

·         Creativity
·         Clarity
·         Reliability
·         Usefulness / helpfulness

So for my fifth choice ... here is....

He is a make up artist and have been very helpful since he usually gives you tips and tricks on how to do home remedies when it comes to makeup, from home made brush cleaners to lipgloss holders.... and also he is very fun to watch since he seems to be a warm and funny person.
 For the fourth choice... i choose...


Marlena (that is her name) is very creative and just like koren (enkore) she is very good with the do-it-yourself kind of things. She also give the viewers tips not only in beauty but also in life, health and other stuff that makes her videos addictive. And to top it all off she post  super creative tutorials so that is the reason why she is my fourth choice.
As they say 3 is a charm... and the next guru that i do love watching is a real charm! And she is....

This girl is healpful, funny and very creative. She usually posts tutorials of very creative looks from all types of sources,such as music videos, costumes,celebrities, etc. As part of her tutorials are scenes or clips of her rocking the looks she created with full costumes and effects so whenever you watch her videos  it will always make you smile.
As a runner up... it was very hard for me to choose between the last two gurus since they both are really really great! When i mean great God they are gifted:)

As a make up artis herself she really is a critict when it comes to make up since most of the time she buys a lot of stuff i mean a really big loot of things so that she can compare the products head to head. And she is also very straight forward with her comments about products, she does love MAC products but still she will tell you which MAC products are worth their price and which ones you should avoid.her creativity extends to her make up to her hair, nail, skin and closet organization. It’s really a pleasure learning from her.

And finally for my top choice of YOUTUBE guru! My final choice is....

She is the epitome of creativity when it comes to makeup. She can literraly do theater make up to runway make up in a zap! Her creativity is extraordinary, from the themes that she uses as inspiration to the looks that she does. For a long time now i have been watching tons and tons of youtube videos and i still can’t find somebody to compare her with. What i love about her is her flexibility to create looks that will surely catch your attention whether it is her latest haloween look or her twist to a celebrity look. I just find her very inspiring and i do hope to be as good as her someday!

I posted links to their youtube channels so that you can check out their work and compare them to your all time favorite gurus in YouTube. So i do hope this was helpful to you guys and please do leave comments if you have any questions or you may want to share you top 5 youtube beauty gurus :)

Thanks for reading! Till next time sis! 

Friday, March 4, 2011

My quirkiness for “quirkysuyen” of thehouse-of-flairs birthday treat

Being different or weird will always make some people raise their eyebrows on you, but that does not mean that they are better than you and chances are they’re also different they are just  too afraid to show it! :)

And with that I want to share my dorky, corky, weird and geeky secret :)

I loathe liver, chicken, pork, duck or anything else that resembles it; I always pick it out when I eat but! I adore “reno” liver spread on toast whahahah J I know I’m A DORK!

hence let me share to you a blog by Ms. Suyen of house of flair, here’s a link:

it’s her birthday! (Happy Birthday Suyen!) And she is giving away prizes! A full URBAN DECAY palette and a MAC eye shadow!

This palette features five dipped-in-black eyeshadows, each iced with color to reveal a veiled shift of blue, green, purple, gold or silver and Urban Decay’s darkest matte black eyeshadow, Black Dog, for adding dimension like never before. Rounding out the set is a travel-sized 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero and a mini genie bottle of Eyeshadow Primer Potion, so your eyeshadow looks deep, dark and alluring, day and night.


                               1 MAC Pret a Papier Collection Eyeshadow in Tissue Weight.

Here is what you need to do.
·         Visit the link I posted above and  follow her mechanics
·         Like her blog entry
·         Like the House of Flair on Facebook.
·         Answer this question by leaving a comment below her blog:

What is your one quirk that you’re not ashamed to admit?

·         Follow her on twitter if you have an account
·         You can also make a blog like this and link it to your comment on her blog
·         Here is a sample given by suyen her self :)

Here’s an example of how you can answer:

I like to put Ovaltine or Milo in my bread as palaman!
Twitter: @lols123

So let’s all celebrate our quirkiness with the house of flair’s birthday promo, have fun fellow geeks :)

Commit and Admit

Hi guys

 I'm glai and i love anything about life and its beauty, I've been writing blogs in my multiply account ( account but because i feel constricted in my writing there i finally decided to make one here and freely share all my ideas and craziness. this will also be my official blog as a makeup artist who wants to make the world beautiful one blush at a time :)

thanks for reading  :)