Monday, March 21, 2011

“Lush”-cious Surprise

I was walking around Shangri-la when I spotted the “free gifts” with a purchase promo at lush, I was a bit hesitant to enter the store because I knew myself very well, I will lose my mind trying to control my purchases. So I ended up in MAC (which is the reason I went to the mall in the first place) I asked about the availability of the MAC Wonder Woman Collection and when will it hit the stores here in the Philippines, the artist there told me that if I want to get anything   I must be in their store 10 am sharp!( as in wait for the doors to open then run!!!!) they will only hold a very limited  stocks so they cannot give out reservations. So on March 26, 10 am brace yourself for the arrival of the MAC Wonder Woman Collection   here in the country, I personally ordered several items from the collection from a trusted seller and I’m so excited! But I was not able to get the MSF! So I’m waiting for their sweet arrival :)

 After my MAC visit I gave in coz’ the stores are a few feet from each other and you can definitely smell the  lush store, so I asked the sales person what the free gift  promotion was all about and I found out that one of my favourite body soaps where on a massive sale! Buy 1 get 2 promo 

 Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
Chox Away Soap
We love chocolate and we appreciate it more if we don’t gorge ourselves.
Wash with this to satisfy your sweetie carvings

Php 295/ 100 g
 I got 295 grams for only Php 295, instead of the regular price of Php 870.25 for the 295 grams!
how great was that huh???!!!!

And since I was able to get it cheap I was able to get another item. 

I have a very oily skin here is a scary proof

My face after a day’s work ooooooiiilllyyyyyyyyy!

So I decided to try one of their “fresh farmacy soap”
I got the one for soothing pimples and other skin problems for the face

 Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
Fresh Farmacy Soap
Perfect for soothing acne pimple eczema and other skin problems
Php 355 for 90 grams (ouch)

I will only use this once a day because I want to slowly introduce this to my skin (I don’t want break outs please) . I store them in microwavable container so that it is air tight and I can easily see what’s inside.

to seal in the freshness :)

 after a weeks use :)
 I can see small changes in my skin. A bit less oily and I did not have any break outs( yey!)

                   And my last surprise was a free sample of one of their hair spa treatments, but I later found out that they forgot to label my free item and I forgot the name of the product! Wow great memory! Kudos for me, whahaha. will try to go back and find out what exactly it is and hopefully I test it out and share my experience with it.

*If you have questions just leave me a comment*

Thank you sis! Till next time.

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